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Report a Leak on Campus

If you see a water leak on campus please report it to Facilities Management Customer Relations (858) 534-2930 or email wsc@ucsd.edu (please include specific locations for the leak and pictures if you have them). 

Free WaterSmart Checkup to Control Irrigation Costs

WaterSmart offers free site-specific recommendations for your irrigation system that will help you save money by reducing your water usage. Can be used to evaluate commercial, industrial, multifamily, public or single family property. Take a look at WaterSmart Checkup!

Water Conservation Rebates and Incentives

The City of San Diego is offering rebates and other incentives to customers who switch to high-efficiency toilets and certain residential irrigation systems or turf replacement. The new technology will save money on upcoming water bills and reduce the amount of water used in homes. Check out Water Conservation Rebates and Incentives


Sustainability at UC San Diego involves efforts from many stakeholders on campus to reduce energy, waste, and greenhouse gasses, as well as to conserve water and our natural resources. To learn about some of the new sustainable projects and water conservation efforts on campus UC San Diego's Sustainability page. 


Kimberly O’Connell

Environment, Health, and Safety
(858) 534-6018

Amanda Loeper

Environment, Health, and Safety
(858) 246-1148