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Taking Action Against the Drought

In response to severe drought conditions in California, the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) has issued a UC Sustainable Water Systems Policy (PDF) that requires all University of California campuses to reduce their potable water use 36% by the year 2025 and to develop a Water Action Plan that outlines how they will achieve their water reductions. Click here to review UC San Diego’s Water Action Plan (PDF). UC San Diego's Water Action Plan identifies the present and future measures the University will implement to reduce potable water use by 36%. 

The UC Drought Response Report (PDF) summarizes actions that are being taken at each of the University of California campuses to reduce potable water use. 


The City of San Diego experiences regular droughts that put a strain on the water supply. As one of the largest water users in the City, UC San Diego is taking a leadership role in water conservation efforts.

In 2009, UC San Diego students, staff, and faculty formed the collaborative “AQUAholics Anonymous” and developed a 12-Step Recovery Program (PDF) to  reduce water waste at UC San Diego and to promote water conservation and efficiency. The focus for AQUAholics Anonymous is BEHAVIOR CHANGE.



  • Encourage behavior changes to prevent water waste (combating water “addiction”).
  • Create, foster, and deliver a unified message of water conservation to the campus community.
  • Facilitate meetings for members to brainstorm, collaborate, and advise on water conservation programming, policies, and publications, etc.